Started in 2006 with 400 students, the concept behind Pathfinder Global School was fuelled by the ambition of Founder Major Ashok Yadav with the aim to create a safe haven for children where values are integrated with latest learning, a state of the art school for students of Patuadi- a semi urban town on periphery of Delhi.
9 years on, Pathfinder is recognized as a front runner in the field of education with 2000 students and an assiduous staff of more than 150 teachers. The school has been renowned as one of the top schools in Pataudi. Affiliated with CBSE since 2008 the school follows a uniform curriculum which encourages and nurtures individualism.


The most visible manifestation of the school is its motto ‘Dare to dream and learn to lead’ which expresses a notion of walking through untouched paths and experiences the journey of being a true pathfinder. The four components ‘dare’, ‘dream’, ‘learn’ and ‘lead’ encourage everyone to discover new paths through unexplored areas and become a pioneer for others.