Mrs Jagriti Sharma , (The Principal , P.G.S)

Mrs Jagriti Sharma is a successful academic and administrative head with an impressive repertoire of knowledge accumulated from 25 Years of experience in education sector. She has been dedicated to the process of bringing the best periodic performance review. Since her first day as part of Pathfinder family, she has been an instrument in developing innovative approaches through workshops and orientation programmes.

She believes in collaborative leadership, which is driven by the collective vision and mission of the school.

Ms. Kiran Yadav (Headmistress, Primary wing)

She is a successful mentor to the teachers and administrative department. Her strong belief is to prepare students to achieve real tangible success in all spheres. With her 15 years of experience, she brought a creative and energetic approach to the academic programmes in the school. She demonstrates a commitment to the school values and heartily participates in school projects.She stimulates an environment of active engagement for the teachers and the students.

Mrs Khush (Co-ordinator Pre-primary, P.G.S)

She exhibits vital leadership with a clear sense of moral purpose. She is a support for all the staff members and understands that essential partnership between school and parents is conducive to positive outcomes of children. In every field she implements measures to be taken with a view to promote self discipline and appropriate regard for the guidelines set by school. She is committed to safeguarding the welfare   of the tiny tots of P.G.S. by her enthusiasm and creativity.