Students come to Pathfinder Global School with varying intelligences, abilities, passions and skills and we believe that education is one of the greatest levellers and equalizers of the society. Irrespective of a child’s upbringing and their religious and cultural preferences, a good quality education can provide them a great level playing field with everyone else. All the students can become successful learners and there are no predetermined limits to what a student can accomplish. Pathfinder teaching methods are framed on the theory of multiple intelligences. Curricular is carefully designed to engage students with a wide range of learning abilities. Resources, activities, approaches and interconnected opportunities encourage each child to discover and develop his/her strengths. The school constantly monitors, analyses and refines all aspects of teaching and learning. Students here are not compared with one another but are assessed individually based on the goals that reflect P.G.S curricular objectives and organizational ethos. Communication with students and parents is an essential component of the school system. Learning, evaluation and progress is mailed to the guardians and parents regularly. National Education Standards are also upheld and school wide – nationally standards tests are administered to ensure that P.G.S students outshines the national averages.

ABC Philosphy

To accomplish the mission of the school PGS has taken meaningful steps and initiatives. The school philosophy can be summarized to ABC. Where ‘A’ stands for Ayurveda and Yoga which are taught and practiced to impart better well being. ‘B’ stands for Bhagwat Geeta and Panchtantra which is to teach how to lead a meaningful life. ‘C’ stands for computational thinking which will make our child a future ready child.