Sports Program

School based sports programs are known to bring out noticeable positive interactions and behaviours in students. Concentration, strong recall skills, evolved communication skills, and being a good team player are just a few of the benefits that sports programs and physical education have on a developing mind. Other benefits include physical, mental and social skill enhancement. Students who exercise and have active participation in sports, often have better concentration and are better team players both in and out of the classroom. Pathfinder offers sports training to all 2500 students with dedicated full time sports instructors. To encourage sports:

  1. Various Inter School or Intra School competitions are conductor throughout the year.
  2. Endurance Tests for the selection in sports club is conducted.
  3. Different courts, rooms and auditoriums are designed and made available for various sports, namely :-
  • Chess Room
  • Volleyball court
  • Skating Court
  • Taekwondo Room
  • Shooting range Room
  • Table Tennis Room