Teaching and learning in 21st century classroom

Education is a key element of economic and social development. Today is the age of science and technology. The teaching learning programmes have also been affected by it. 21st century is characterized with the emergence of knowledge based society and the teachers in this century will have to deal with a world quantitatively different from that of 20th century in respect of pedagogical and technological advancement. The inclusion of modernize aids and tools in teaching methodology is a big boon. This is a complete pattern shift in comparison to the old and traditional ways of teaching. Now days, class-rooms are just like a laboratory having different teaching aids.
Suitable types of tools are used by the teachers as per their needs to facilitate the teaching in a better way. These tools motivate child’s learning by arousing their interest in a number of ways. Children are more interested in these than the description of anything through a talk. This makes children experience meaningful because it supplies a concrete basis for conceptual thinking. By using these tools we can develop high level cognition skills and creativity among students. The materials like projectors, models, charts, concrete objects, maps, film-strips etc. helps a teacher to have effective realization of the teaching objectives and create better classroom interactions. In this regard, Albert-Duret rightly said, “It is easier to believe what you see than what you hear; but if you both see and hear, then you can understand more readily and retain more lastingly.”