In our Pathfinder Global School, we want to transform our thinkers to makers so that the young minds can learn innovative skills, sculpt ideas through hands-on activities, work and learn in a flexible environment.
Here we have some projects for students of middle school (6 to 10):




“Electricity can transform people’s lives, not just economically but also socially.” – Piyush Goyal
The target of the Indian Government is to light up every house of the country with electricity. Keeping this in mind pathfinder student has made a model house with a light and a fan on it. Electrification has a lot of social and economic benefits which will develop India in future.


solar cooker

Diksha, Bhavika, Mehak, Diya Yadav, Riya(Grade6ac)
Solar cooker “Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.” – Bonnie Raitt
With the objective to save energy students came forward with the idea of a solar cooker. It utilizes the sunlight, converts it to heat energy and cooks food. In this way it saves LPG(liquid petroleum gas) or electricity which are non renewable sources of energy. Students should learn about “energy saving” from the very beginning in order to save the future society and spread the quote



Mihir Grade 6C

A touch sensor is a type of equipment that captures and records physical touch or embrace on a device and/or object. It enables a device or object to detech touch, typically by a human user or operator. A touch sensor may also be called a touch detector. Touch sensors are finding their way into many applications, from mobile phones to remote controls and appliance control panels.