Don’t Judge the Book By It’s Cover

“Outward appearances are not a reliable indication of true character.” In other words, you can’t – and shouldn’t – judge a book by its cover.

Sometimes looks can be deceptive ,dressing well is also not everybody’s cup of tea and the way a person showcases or portrays himself:such reasons shouldn’t be ever taken into count while judging a person and tagging him as something or someone which he is actually not.

But such thoughts hardly cross anybody’s mind before they fuel themselves to launch an attack on somebody’s image.An image that a person carries and who knows why so? He could be a victim of serious trauma,some real setback in life,some patchy weeks or months and many more reasons which only he knows but never bothers to share the same.

But whenever a person doesn’t respond,react or entertain few people in a manner which they would have preferred or cherished ,they start deteriorating his image,his conduct and his very existence as a reply to the person’s decision to showcase himself the way which suits him the best due to the circumstances he is going through.

Nobody can even minutely guess that what a person might be going through or facing in his personal life,what valcanos are burning hot inside him,what casualty he is mourning and if he is so ,then why is he so?

So it’s just a genuine advice that before you jump on to a conclusion about someone and tag him the way you feel and think he is like that only and announce or infact dennounce him like that every at given opportunity or platform you get ,think clearly about it and then choose your words.