Be Ready To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone

What holds us back from our goals, is fear. It is common amongst us. When too much fear gets in the way we end up doing nothing. Fear begins from lack of confidence and irrational thinking.
Let me share a personal experience with you all. I took a 3 years break from my professional Career due to some personal reason after marriage. But later I realized that it was not the right decision. My Confidence level became zero. I used to get hesitate while even talking to new people. I felt lack of confidence. Because of that I wanted to be in emotional lap where I feel safe.
This is critical to understand this iota of wrong thought process lessen your chances to achieve towards success. Sometimes we are afraid to take risks because we think the odds are against us. We become so consumed by fear to the degree that we become irrational and lose plot.To get out of your comfort zone is to have courage. Courage, you must remember, is not the absence of fear but acting despite your fears. While we cannot dismiss fear totally, we can increase our chances of winning by being rational in dealing with our circumstances as they are in the present moment. They say it is all in mind.

“I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.”