ABC Philosophy at PGS : Decoding ‘A’

In today’s evolving and competitive world where more is demanded from students, they often find themselves constantly under pressure to perform well in different examinations and also in different fields of life which pushes them in the hands of stress at an early tender age and adversely impacts their mental and physical health and ability to perform effectively.
World Health Organization (WHO), defines health as “ a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being in which the individual ……., can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” Herein the role of school becomes very important. To make the students healthy as well as to maintain the health becomes the moral and key responsibility of any institution and PGS is fully aware of this. All the success and achievement starts with health, so does the school’s philosophy of ABC ,where A stands for ‘Ayurveda’ as the optimal health of mind, body and spirit is achievable through the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda and Yoga. Its incorporation not only helps to fulfill PGS’sublime commitment of holistic development but also to familiarize the young leaders with their unique ancient rich culture .
Ayurveda is the most enduring and time tested system of natural healing and remains one of the most effective and safe traditional as well as scientific healthcare systems even today. More than just a medical system, it’s a science of life as suggested by its name ( Ayu means life and Veda means science/knowledge). It’s about self-discovery and gives the knowledge of life, the constitution (prakriti–vatt, Pitta and Kapha)) of body
According to Ayurveda Health is ‘a state of harmony of mind, body and soul’. Once an individual gets intimated about one’s constitution or Prakrati, he canmake lifestyle changes to bring about and maintain this equilibrium. Thus it gives full charge of life in one’s own hand. It includes all methods of healing from diet, lifestyle and use of herbs, exercise , chanting of mantras, and meditation.
To impart quality education and practices of Ayurveda, PGS has associated with JIVA Ayurveda- the world’s largest Ayurvedic treatment company. The staff at PGS is trained on ancient medical wisdom and practical application under the guidance of experts from JIVA. The trained staff guide students about the same through different activities such as body type test — to know about their individual constituent(prakrti) and suggesting diet plan accordingly, presentations,quiz, workshops( even for parents), students’ visit to JIVA Ayurveda village, etc. Practice of various physical postures-aasanas, exercise is an integral part of morning assembly.
There is a saying which goes’ Prevention is better than cure’ and Ayurveda places more emphasis on prevention as it is far sensible to maintain health than to restore it once it has broken down. The principles of Ayurveda are straightforward and can be applied even by an average and common man easily. It acquaints us with miraculous and extra-ordinary effects and outcomes of those ordinary and accessible commodities around us which we see and use in the forms of herbs, plants and even species.
Today the profitability and practicality of Ayurveda has been acknowledged universally. It covers all aspects of health and well being – physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual well being and it’s this ‘holistic approach’ which makes it unique. When a person has disease- free body, stress- free mind and sorrow- free soul, he can realize his potential to the maximum as well as explore, enjoy and live the life to the fullest and appreciate this precious gift of Almighty.